Product Video & Photo Production Case Study

20EVO produces photography and video content for Prime6 Charcoal 

Riki and Oron Franco, owners of Prime6 Charcoal, qualified as entrepreneurial contestants on ABC’s Shark Tank. Due to COVID restrictions, the Shark Tank set changed locations from their studios in Los Angeles to the Venetian Las Vegas which meant they no longer could live demo their charcoal product.

prime6 logo
Riki and Oron Franco on Shark Tank
Shark Tank episode with Prime6 presenting their product to the sharks

20EVO was tasked with helping with the demonstration of the product. On a tight deadline, 20EVO made 3 videos and shot product + lifestyle pictures of the product.


The 20EVO production team executed a 4 day video and photo shoot to cover all the assets needed for Prime 6 social media (for promotion) and to deliver a successful pitch to the “Sharks”. 

20EVO promo video airs on Shark Tank. The image shows Prime6 Charcoal getting dumped into a grill
Kevin O'Leary on Shark Tank discussing deal with Prime6
Lori and Daymond discuss Prime6 Charcoal

Our video featuring a testimonial with celebrity chef Hugh Mangum was used on Walmart and other retail channels to promote sales prior to the pitch to the Sharks.