20EVO Produces Short About Pro-Surfer Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh jumps off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean in Oahu, HI. Photo taken by Bhushan Thakkar

We are so excited to share with you the behind the scenes, travel diaries of our recent trip to Oahu! Film shoot aside, it was a really fun experience exploring the island and meeting new people.

In late 2020, Amway commissioned 20EVO to produce a short form documentary style film about their brand ambassador athlete Anthony Walsh. In a joint venture with Pat Parnell & OutsideTV, Pat and I traveled to Oahu to shoot this short bio film.

Shooting outside the window from his seat on the flight Bhushan Thakkar captures footage of Oahu

Before we could depart, we needed to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of our departure. After visiting a certified (by the state of Hawaii) testing facility, we were given the all clear. Since this was our first trip since the pandemic, we didn’t know what to expect. We had heard of nightmare scenarios of travelers having to be quarantined for two weeks after landing in Hawaii. Once we landed, we realized as long as we had the correct paperwork for our tests and provided the necessary forms, we were accepted into the island with the usual Aloha spirit we have experienced in years past.

Checking into the hotel in Oahu a luggage cart is full of 20EVO camera equipment

Shortly after arriving on the island, Pat and I began working on our shoot strategy, coordinating times and locations with Anthony. We knew we wanted to shoot three interviews in three locations, and needed to set time for us to grab b-roll. Because of Anthony’s schedule taking care of his son after school, we needed to be finished each day no later than 3pm. This meant we had ample time for ourselves to enjoy the warm waters and local libations.

Hawaii’s North Shore, is a location that holds legendary status. And for good reason! The surf was pumping every morning we were there. This made for spectacular footage of Anthony surfing, while also giving us beautiful coastal shots during the interviews.

We didn’t want to miss out on the beauty of Oahu, so Pat and I had pre-selected shots for interviews, b-roll locations, and establishing shots that would work perfectly with Anthony’s schedule. We also knew in advance which b-roll shot locations to prioritize alongside our subjects. 

We found the waves to be very cooperative, often providing us with perfect conditions for our footage and for having some fun in between shots.

Pat Parnell body surfing in Oahu footage taken by Bhushan Thakkar

In the end, we were able to get everything we wanted. Including some really stellar b-roll. Once arriving back on the main land, I edited a profile for the XS brand that has been used at events and shared across their social and digital channels.

Check out the finished video we produced for XS Energy and Sports Nutrition.

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