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Increase Reach

OTT networks have changed the landscape of how we consume content. That has caused a growing trend in authentic brand story telling for corporations looking for new ways to engage through video.


If you’re looking for ways to reach new audiences for your brand, we have stories waiting to be told specifically in the adventure and outdoor space. We offer programs to sponsor outdoor/adventure films with guaranteed distribution reaching millions across the globe.

When a brand signs up with us on a project, we incorporate the brand's ethos into our script whenever possible.


Returning Home Poster. Richey Schley standing on a rock. 20EVO presents a Bhushan Thakkar Film.

CASE STUDY: "Returning Home"
Sponsors: Vaude, Abus, Cedar City Events

Production of the 12 minute short film Returning Home ended November of 2020 and made its debut just a few days later at the Coast Film Festival held at the Ranch in Laguna Beach, CA.


Since then, the film has been included in various film festivals including Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Indie Short Fest, International Shorts. The film has won awards at Environmental Film Festival, Top Shorts 2020, European Cinematography Awards, and Accolade Global Film Competition.

In addition, the film was accepted into the RiverRun International Film Festival 2021 as part of their Films with Class educational outreach program, where they will be showing the film to students K-12 in North Carolina with an augmented school curriculum. 

Today the film is widely available to adventure seeking audiences through distribution deals with FuelTV and OutsideTV.

"The cinematography is spectacular in this short, which features Utah sights in perspectives that would entice even hardcore indoors people to take up Schley’s call to the outdoors."

-The Utah Review

Behind the scenes filming Returning Home. Bhushan Thakkar behind the camera as Richie Schley descends a hill of loose gravel.

Experience More - Anthony Walsh

Sponsors: XS Energy Drinks & Sports Nutrition

Amway Global commissioned us to tell a short story about one of their sponsored athletes. With a team of two, under the strictest COVID protocols, we traveled to Hawaii to film the story. In the end we were able to deliver both long form and short form content that lives across their social platforms. 

Bhushan Thakkar filming Pro Surfer Anthony Walsh on a beach in Hawaii

What's the point of making a great film that nobody knows about?

Through festivals and OTT networks we will expose the finished movie to the widest audience possible.

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