Case Study: Lighting Up Success for Prime6 Charcoal with 20EVO

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Every now and then, a challenge arises that truly puts our creative expertise to the test. 

This was the case when Riki and Oron Franco, the dynamic duo behind Prime6 Charcoal, faced a significant obstacle in their journey to pitch their revolutionary product on ABC’s Shark Tank. COVID-19 restrictions had forced the Shark Tank production team to move sets from Los Angeles to the Venetian Las Vegas, stripping the Francos of their chance to live-demo their product. 

Enter 20EVO.

Prime 6 Charcoal with a flame coming up through the center hole

The Challenge

Prime6 Charcoal isn’t just any charcoal; it’s a premium, eco-friendly product that guarantees a longer burn time and less smoke than traditional alternatives. The Francos knew they had a game-changing offering but couldn’t demonstrate it due to the location switch. They needed to communicate the unique benefits of their product without a live demo and make an impact on the Sharks.

This is where we at 20EVO stepped in. Our task? To create compelling visual content that would showcase the Prime6 Charcoal product effectively, ensuring the Francos could pitch their product successfully.

Our Approach

Understanding the gravity of the situation, we quickly assembled our production team and charted out a comprehensive 4-day video and photo shoot plan.

The goal was twofold: to create assets for Prime6’s social media promotions and to aid the Francos in delivering a successful pitch on Shark Tank.

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Our four-day production marathon kicked off with in-depth brainstorming sessions to refine our content strategy. Recognizing the importance of showcasing the product’s functionality and its environmental benefits, we decided to create three distinct videos.

Product Demonstration Video: We simulated a real-time experience of using the Prime6 Charcoal, showcasing how easy it is to use, its long burn time, and the minimal smoke it produces. This video acted as a virtual live-demo, compensating for the absence of an actual demonstration on the Shark Tank stage.

Prime6 Sizzle Video: Given the magnitude of the Shark Tank platform, we wanted to create something both impactful and memorable. We produced a short, high-energy sizzle video that encapsulated the essence of Prime6 Charcoal. This video aired on TV during the episode, piquing viewer interest with its engaging visuals and quick-fire narrative about the product’s unique benefits and the Francos’ commitment to sustainable living. The sizzle reel served as an effective teaser, setting the stage for the Francos’ pitch and the Prime6 brand.

Celebrity Testimonial Video: We understand the power a well-known figure can bring to a brand, especially when that figure is a respected authority in the industry. To this end, we incorporated a glowing testimonial from none other than the renowned chef Hugh Mangum. 

Not only is Mangum a pit master at Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue, but he also boasts an impressive culinary TV career, with appearances on “Cook Like an Iron Chef” with Michael Symon, “Unique Eats,” and “Beat Bobby Flay.” Furthermore, he holds the title of a “Chopped” champion and appeared in the critically acclaimed movie, “Julie & Julia.” 

Having such a respected figure vouch for Prime6 Charcoal served to strongly reinforce its value proposition, adding credibility and weight to the Francos’ pitch.

Alongside these videos, we captured a series of product and lifestyle photos to be used across Prime6’s social media platforms. Each photo was carefully crafted to highlight the elegance of the product and the upscale BBQ experience it offers.

The Result

The assets we created were instrumental in the Francos’ Shark Tank pitch. Not only did they demonstrate the benefits of Prime6 Charcoal effectively, but they also told a compelling brand story. The Sharks were convinced, and Prime6 Charcoal secured the investment they were seeking.

Additionally, the assets we created for Prime6’s social media promotions significantly boosted their online presence. The engaging visual content led to an increase in followers, higher engagement rates, and ultimately, a surge in sales.


At 20EVO, we thrive on challenges. The task of aiding Prime6 Charcoal in their Shark Tank pitch under unique circumstances allowed us to showcase our creative capabilities and commitment to our clients’ success.

This case study serves as a testament to our adaptability, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of success, even in the face of adversity. We look forward to lighting up more success stories in the future!

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