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Documentary Short “Returning Home” by 20EVO to be released worldwide on April 20, 2021

20EVO is proud to announce “Returning Home” will premiere this Tuesday April 20 as part of FUEL TV’s “FRESH@5” programming initiative where they debut fresh new content everyday Monday through Friday at 5:00 pm local time.

FUEL TV is recognized as the global home of action sports and youth culture.

For more than 17 years FUEL TV has distinguished itself with award-winning programming that inspires, entertains and enlightens audiences around the world. Today FUEL TV is available in over 100 countries on 900 million devices on a variety of platforms including SAMSUNG TV PLUS channel 1179.

“Bhushan Thakkar’s ‘Returning Home’ has such poignance and truly resonates in this time we’re all living in” said Don Meek, Chief Content Officer at FUEL TV. “This award-winning film is a wonderful addition to our line-up, and we look forward to working with Bhushan and his team well into the future.”

Returning Home was made possible with the support of Vaude, Abus, and Cedar City Events.

Visit www.ReturningHomeFilm.com for the latest information on how to see the film.

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