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Case Study Of Authentic Storytelling: Upcycling Artistry with Ben Young and

Transcript of video

In a recent video produced by 20EVO, we had the opportunity to follow the journey of a talented artist named Ben Young, who's aim it is to turn an ordinary printed canvas into an extraordinary piece of art. Ben's story not only showcases his incredible talent but also highlights the creative possibilities that can be found at, all while supporting a great cause.

Bhushan Thakkar from 20EVO was commissioned to create this video, capturing Ben Young's creative process and the positive impact of upcycling with

As a fine artist with a background in art direction and creative direction for Fortune 500 companies, movies, and TV shows, Ben's abstract work is inspired by his surroundings, reflecting light, color, shapes, and composition through his art.

Being an environmentally conscious artist, Ben is always seeking ways to incorporate sustainable materials into his work and make a positive impact. His journey began when he discovered a printed canvas on After winning the bid at a great price, he set out to give the canvas a second life by transforming it into an original piece of art.

During his visit to the warehouse in Santa Ana, California, Ben was amazed by the vast selection of items that could be repurposed and upcycled into something new. The warehouse employs people from all walks of life and skill levels, providing opportunities for growth and skill development.

By participating in the upcycling movement, Ben and other creative individuals not only give new life to used products but also contribute to a greater cause by supporting the mission of Goodwill.

This video by 20EVO demonstrates the power of authentic storytelling in helping brands deliver their message and initiatives.

We invite you to watch the video above to witness the inspiring transformation of Ben Young's canvas and learn more about the incredible opportunities available at

If your brand needs authentic storytelling and video marketing that captures the essence of your message and initiatives, don't hesitate to contact the 20EVO team. Together, let's create meaningful content that inspires change.

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