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Artist Care and Feeding Podcast S1E22 - Bhushan Thakkar and the Masala Western

Updated: 4 days ago

I was recently invited onto the Artist Care and Feeding Podcast. We had a great conversation, learning about each other's lives. It was refreshing to share how we are dealing with COVID-19 as well as some goals I have for myself. Check out the episode here:

ABOUT Artist Care and Feeding Podcast:

Hosts Cathleen Falsani and Kaitlyn Barrett welcome artists and creators of all mediums and genres for conversations about how they do what they do and, for right now at least, how the COVID age has affected (or not) how they create/make their art. Actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, designers, dancers, directors, poets, playwrights, painters, animators, comedians, magicians, sculptors, chefs, all manner of performers and makers of all stripes. Artist Care & Feeding is the home we are creating for artists. Welcome and come on through… There’s a bar over there, and up the stairs, to your left, you’ll find your room. It’s been customized to your exact specifications. If you need anything at all, just pick up the phone and someone will be right with you. There are extra blankets and down pillows on the top shelf of the wardrobe. The WiFi code is EVERYTHINGYOUDOISART.

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