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Product Marketing
Video & Photo Production Case Study

20EVO produces marketing content, photography, and films for XS Energy & Sports Nutrition

Someone giving someone else Amway cbd spray

XS Energy Drinks and Sports Nutrition sold within the Amway distribution network needed to increase their brand awareness, training, sales support, and content for their social channels.

"The XS brand, at its essence, is about stepping outside our comfort zones and engaging in experiences with like minded people who help us do more together than we could ever do alone. Our aim is to go out into the world, not to conquer it, but to add value to it in ways that generate the lives we want to live."


—David Vanderveen

XS co-founder

XS Blood Orange in the hand of a woman hiking in Hawaii. Image shot by Bhushan Thakkar
Woman holding a can of Green Apple Flavored XS. From teh launch video shot by Bhushan Thakkar 20EVO
Man holding a can of Green Apple Flavored XS. From teh launch video shot by Bhushan Thakkar 20EVO

Authenticity is key for a forward facing social  approach. Hence, we develop relationships  and hire talent with the laser focus to execute  our mission through authentic story telling.

The look and feel for XS photography and video

revolves around four central themes:


1. A documentary/photojournalistic aesthetic

2. Movement

3. An insiders perspective

4. Elevated, cinematic/magazine level image quality

All imagery is primarily made up of candid moments captured while people are being truly authentic in their space. So for example, instead of hiring models to pretend like they are friends, we connect with an actual group of friends whenever possible. We shoot with them in their own environment, doing things they would normally do. Such as surfing, free diving or building a bonfire. In order to achieve the often elusive insider's perspective, we shoot with people we already know and/or have developed real relationships with. Also, investing the time required with new people to gain their trust in order to enter and document their worlds.

Shot from a mountain bikers POV, digging into a backpack full of XS Sports Bars. Image shot by Bhushan Thakkar
Man holds a can of XS in California with mountains in the background. Photo by Bhushan Thakkar
woman pulling XS sports drink pouches from her back pocket. Shot by Bhushan Thakkar

Over the last 17 years Bhushan Thakkar and 20EVO has produced advertising, corporate films, product photographyaerial cinematography, and story telling campaigns for XS's various product and flavor launches worldwide. 

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