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At 20EVO, we recognize the power of focusing our effort where it has the biggest payoff. In nature and life, there is a famous principle that dictates only 20% of your actions can lead to 80% of results.

20EVO helps businesses get to the next level with proven strategies for marketing success. Creating unique and impactful marketing solutions that help businesses reach their highest potential.


With our in-depth strategy, creative content production (including writing, photography, video), email campaigns, blogs and optimized landing pages all tailored to ensure maximum success!

Sunset taken in Laguna Beach, CA. The sun fits in between two rock formations.

20EVO is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to take their brand identity, marketing and communication strategies up the next level.

Unleash your brand’s full power
Get in touch today. 

Bhushan Thakkar taking a picture of a female model in Hawaii for XS Energy campaign. They are both chest deep in water.

Bhushan Thakkar
co-Founder at 20EVO

Coded in my DNA, telling stories with a camera is an extension of my soul. It’s second nature, makes me the happiest. I am grateful that my work as a producer, director, and cinematographer allows me the chance.

Jyoti Thakkar
co-Founder at 20EVO

With 12+ years of experience, I strive to help brands communicate their mission one marketing journey at a time. 

Jyoti Thakkar standing with the ocean in the background

Specializing In

Drawing of ocean waves in blue ink
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